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A grand time was had by all at Róisín O's house concert on the San Francisco Peninsula  on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013.
Róisín , a member of the famous Black Family of Ireland, and daughter of Mary Black, performed in her debut USA solo tour, visiting from Ireland after recently performing for the President of Ireland. 

Róisín performed a wonderful mixture of songs, including Irish/Celtic, folk and some of her own songs.

Near the end of her performance she got her uncles Michael and Shay Black to sing with her. One of the songs they sang was "Colcannon" a favorite of the Black Family. Roisin also sang one of my favorites, "Caledonia."

Before and after the concert people had a chance to chat with Róisín  and an opportunity to purchase her recently released CD "The Secret Life of Blue"

After the concert was over, many people stayed for fun singing session which included Roisin, Michael and Shay. As we went around the room singing songs. Roisin gave us a wonderful rendition of "The Hills of South Armagh."

Niall McCormack gave us a nice version of "Maids When Your Young Never Wed and Old Man" and that was followed by the amazing voice of Dee McNamara who responded with "Don't Get Married" and a wonderful song from her native County Clare. When it got down to the last 6 people we finished up with "Parting Glass."

For more infomation about  Róisín, visit her website at and read about her in Wikipedia.  Here is youtube of her on Irish TV on March 31, 2013. Here is youtube of her performing on March 17, 2013 for the President of Ireland

I hope to add a few photos from the concert here soon.

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