(and related families of HOBKIRK, HABKIRK, AND HOPEKIRK)

The place for all things Hopkirk, Hobkirk, Habkirk and Hopekirk. Family histories, famous family members, the latest family news and gatherings planned, recent births, marriages and deaths.  DNA testing has proven all four families are related to each other. This will be a site that is constantly evolving as we accumulate more family information.  If you are a member of this family, you are a rare breed. There are only about 500 people worldwide with the last name of Hopkirk, about the same mumber with the name Hobkirk, slightly less have the name Habkirk, and Hopekirk is very rare.  Of course, there are thousands of people who are descended from this family, and if you are one of those we would love to hear from you and add your part of our family to the database. Come on in and see why we are so proud of our little family.


                                                                             HOPKIRK COAT OF ARMS

                                                            (Courtesy of Eric Hopkirk of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
                                                      The Ownership of the Coat of Arms would be passed down from
                                                      one generation to next through the eldest son of each generation,
                                                            and Eric is the current legal owner of this Coat of Arms)     

We have just gotten started, but we have a lot of things going on inside.  We are now approaching 700 pages of family history, pictures, and information. So please click on the link below to enter the world of all things Hopkirk.  



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